Would you prefer Incredible Max´s chocolate fury or Ninja Crunch´s discipline and prowess? We´ve produced this commercial for Rocklets in a funny rivalry  between different flavors of the legendary candy.
Client: Arcor /Creative directors: Nelson Clerici y Milton Gonzalez /Executive producer: Iara Mijalovsky /Post-Production coordinator: Florencia Miguez /Director: NotReal /Modelling: Bandido Guapo /Shading, lighting & render: Bandido Guapo /3D animation: Ruben Stremiz & Maximo Ponz /Art directors: Valeria Moreiro & Milton Gonzalez /Animation director: Milton Gonzalez /Character design: Milton Gonzalez /Storyboard: Milton Gonzalez /Animatic: Milton Gonzalez /Composición: Ruben Stremiz & Milton Gonzalez /Color grading: Anahí Piccinin /VO: Mariano Chiesa /Music & sound design: Antro Music

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