Anywhere can happen

Anything can happen when working together with talented director Fer Liv. We created this magical and oniric story that combines a fantasy imagery, animation and high-concept surrealism in order to show a new way to get around Singapore. Jump aboard!  
CLIENt: ZIG- Anywhere can happen /Director: Fernando Livschitz /General director: Nelson Clerici /Executive producer: Iara Mijalovsky /Production manager: Pablo Saredo /DOP: Ben Battersby /AD: Ezequiel Luka /Art direction: Mavi Rossi /Wardrobe: Mavi Rossi /Hair & make-up: Ana Esposito /Postproduction coordinators: Majo Tabares Virginia Palacios /Lead digital composer: Guido Ferraro /Digital composers: Guido Ferraro, Nicolás Holodovsky, Nahuel Alvarez, David Bohorquez, Mario Pablo /Lead rotoscopy: Julián Coutada /Rotoscopy: Julián Coutada, Ludmila Rodriguez Moreno, Silvina Lesa Brown

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